At RP Graphic Design Studio, we provide the design and marketing support you need to define and communicate what makes your business, your organization, your event, or your product exceptional. Employing thoughtful brand strategy, we use print, web and social media, to help you share your unique message, clearly and beautifully.

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At the core of everything we offer is a dedication to sophisticated design, client service and a love for what we do. Whether we’re designing a website, establishing a brand identity, creating an ad campaign, developing an app, providing social media support, or implementing the entire package, we are committed to delivering projects with integrity, impact and ingenuity.

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The Team

The RP Graphic Design Studio team is the perfect combination of right-brained creativity and left-brained business savvy. With expert technical skills and strategic, out-of-the-box thinking, we’ll execute your project with both creativity and efficiency. We like to think of ourselves as fun and approachable perfectionists.

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What Our Clients Have to Say…

“When we launched a sophisticated service for a select market, the RP Graphic Design team proved to be an incredible partner. They quickly grasped the essential elements and created a “soul” for the concept. Despite our very low budget and short time frames, Team RP produced the full array of effective marketing materials required, leading us to a very successful first year. Randi skillfully facilitates collaboration, guards the integrity of the messaging, and keeps everything on track in a low-key manner. RPGDS delivers endless creativity and precious peace of mind.”

Juli Miller, Director of Marketing, Sun Valley Air Club


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